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By Thecurlycasualista @curlycasualista
As I'm sure most of you have heard already, Google is killing Google Reader. I won't get into my personal outrage here (but believe me, I'm outraged, as it's my favorite of the readers I've tried), but this is a serious blow for those of us who follow blogs and new sources. Google Reader was a quick, simple way of syndicating feeds from a variety of sources and allowed you to organize them however you liked. Whatever their true reasons (a drop in users was cited as one - but would the Internet be so outraged if this were truly the case?), I think this will be a serious blow to Google. But, unless they choose to listen to the people's petitions to keep reader (found here and here), our beloved Reader will be gone as of July 1.
But! Worry not. You can continue to follow MC+M! Find me on Bloglovin', run my RSS feed through another service, or subscribe via email (sign up in the sidebar)!
*for those of you following via GFC, I don't know what will happen to that! Given that Google is really pushing it's Google+ service, I can see them removing that, as well as Reader. Just as a precaution, follow me elsewhere!*

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