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Folded Seed Pots

By Scarecrow
Folded Seed PotsAs I look at my list of Squashes and Pumpkins for this year I wonder how I will fit them all in. I am growing extras for the community garden this year. We want to cover the place with pumpkins!

I need to give these a good start and usually use cut down milk containers for the purpose. I don't have enough this year and have found an alternative. Newspaper pots have been around for some time but I never really considered using them until I found this tutorial on making origami pots!!! They are easy to make and I hope will be suitable for planting completely into the soil.

This is the link for the tutorial. There is even a video for those who can't follow written instructions very well. Like me!!

When making them they stack in groups of ten - nine inside another one!!

I can comfortably fit 18 in a foam fruit box (with plenty of drainage holes) and I have filled them right up so they can be planted with the paper below the surface.

Now I shall see how they stand up to roughly six weeks of watering before planting out!!

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