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Flxx Takes Portland

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx
flxx takes Portland
This past weekend I took a last minute, but much needed, weekend tryst to Portland to  see my big sister. Upon my arrival, we realized it has been a whole year since we have seen  each other and tears almost ensued (after I nearly knocked her over with a hug), never have we  ever gone that long without seeing each other. My sister is my best friend in this whole world, and  I am so lucky to have not only been blessed with a sister, but my sister in particular! Any who,  enough gushing about my sister ( love you Wicky ), I had a fabulous beyond fabulous time in  Portland. Even though it was a bit colder than what I am used to, I really enjoyed dressing  in loads of layers and being comfy cozy. We spent our time together eating some of the  most amazing food I've ever had (one of the best things about Portland), laughing silently,  and of course... shopping!  flxx takes Portland
flxx takes Portland Tip for staying warm in cold weather (while still being cute): Always wear leggings, microfiber  ones hold in a lot of warmth, sock are a must, warm cozy boots, a plain tank layered with a fun  sweater or sweatshirt, and a warm coat to top it off. 
flxx takes Portland Baked grapefruits, one of the greatest things I've ever tasted. They have a creme brulee like layer on top with baked nuts of all varieties. Yummy. 
flxx takes Portland Worlds smallest pocket knives, what a great find for my Fashionlushxx jewelry.
flxx takes Portland Swedish aebleskivers from Broders in Portland with lemon curd and lingonberry jam
flxx takes Portland A shopping cart full of polka dot pom poms at Cargo Imports in Portland. 
flxx takes Portland Whitney & Erica key chains, clearly. 
flxx takes Portland One of the best dining experiences of my life thus far, build your own pancakes at your  table via Slappy Cakes in Portland! We chose gluten free pancakes batter with dried cherries,  white chocolate chips, goat cheese, bacon, and lavender honey.  
flxx takes Portland Whitney made a successful heart shaped pancake, I will not show you what I tried to  create (it was a fail).

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