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Flume & Chet Take It Away ...

Posted on the 12 January 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
It's been quite some time since we last said much about Flume, but we never forgot his name. When we heard that he had collaborated with someone new, we knew it would be a success, but stumbling across his new, and quite incredible single, Drop The Game, was an utterly stupendous surprise. We don't care what sort of genre you think you are in to .... we don't see how you couldn't fall in love with this. There's a mixture of everything, for everyone (almost), and we reckon it's only a matter of time until these names start to emerge victorious.
Flume & Chet Take It Away ...The word we'd probably use to describe this, if we had to in one, would be cool; For this is one of the coolest things you're going to hear for a little while. The simplicity of it all, mixed alongside a sinister video, some incredible talent, and that beat ... all concocts together to create what we can muster as really fucking cool.
Lets start on Chet Faker. His is a name we can't say we knew of before, but, his vocals which remind us of the talent of the Summer, Will Heard, and also of the latest Mercury Prize Winner, James Blake. There's a sincerity to his voice which you don't get all that often, and the most interesting and, somehow, charming thing about it all, is that in terms of technicality, it isn't the most perfect thing you're ever going to hear.
Flume, as always, delivers something utterly brilliant. His timing, performance, and perception of the track itself is one that many will be taking for granted, but something we can't help but admire. There's something he manages to release into a track that just oozes brilliance, and this is just like the rest of the things we've heard from him; albeit a tad darker.
All in all, as you may quickly be able to tell, we think this is an absolute corker and something we'd like to think you won't be passing up anytime soon. Look out for these names and, we urge you, jump on the bandwagon now, before it's saturated.

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