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Flowers in November Day 4 #NaPhoPoMo

By Jenrene

Once upon a time… I used to not see flowers very much,  in November. And then I moved west. I was surprised and wondered “What I have been doing all my life ! ??” You see, I’m originally from Rochester NY and lived there most of my first 24 years of life. Then I moved to Syracuse N.Y. which may as well be Alaska. ( Smile)  All winter, they get lake effect snow. And if you’ve never seen “lake effect” you’ve never seen snow. For real.
I vowed one year, after (cleaning hard ice off my car window shield repetitively in  below zero  weather… ) :

“I will be moving to a warmer place!”
And the rest is history. I moved in April of 2006. First I moved to Maryland, Packed up my life , got a settlement …and moved south . Then I did moved again cross country… found a  wonderful man… or a wonderful man  found me… who lived in Texas, fell in love, and made me get on that plane and leave the state of Maryland – where I had always wanted  to live. I was as happy as I could be!

I have to say, I love these beautiful flowers, this time of year  They make me happy!

Flowers in November Day 4 #NaPhoPoMo

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