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By Nuttercouture23 @AnikaLovelace
FlauntingFlauntingFlauntingFlauntingFlauntingFlauntingFlauntingFlauntingFlauntingFlaunting                      (dress - ???, Ann Christine jacket, vintage thin belt, David Jones bag, C&A cabaret boots)
This is just another unpublished post from last week. Big B. and I both had a pauses at work so we went out to walk out with Arni, our dog. B. is at the moment working in a firm where he needs to know some marketing tricks, so this our little photo-shooting adventures are good practice for him, although he'll work with big black SLR/DSLRs cameras. And I finally found an opportunity to dress (for work), show and to walk around in this beloved sheer sweeping dress, but my mom just had to say some bad comment  - that I look like franciscan priest....By the way, we went to walk the dog in our ex-primary school yard. This warm autumn colors and acorns were so beautiful environment, perfect to drive away gloom and bleakness, especially this tree whose yield looks like small lianas, and are especially beautiful to watch while the wind is blowing....

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