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Flat Chested? Here’s What Not to Do…

By Tempestra @tempestra1

The French are famed for their sophistication, and until lately I thought of Vanessa Paradis as a kind of icon of that louche French cool (having the gorgeous Jonny Depp on her arm certainly helps!). That was until I saw her pictured at the Sidaction Gala Dinner looking like a grinning skeleton…

Flat chested? Here’s what not to do…
Now, obviously she has never been the most well-endowed woman in the world, but, up until now, she has had some form of boobage. It looks like she’s taken slimming too far, like so many celebrities, and has ended up looking really badly aged with a protruding ribcage and literally just two sort of sections on her chest where breasts once were.

The strangest thing about it was that she had quite clearly deliberately chosen a plunging neckline for the occasion. To be fair, it was a beautiful dress; but where the eye should have been drawn to her cleavage it was drawn instead to the empty space and I, for one, found myself actually marvelling at the spectacular disappearing act her breasts had performed.

If anyone has ever needed a padded bra, it’s her. Just that little bit of added femininity to her silhouette would have made all the difference. So from now on, Vanessa, stay away from the plunging necklines. Take it from someone who was never particularly blessed themselves: no one wants to see your ribcage!

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By Christine Tyler
posted on 28 June at 12:21

brilliant observation! You should be so proud of yourself & your contributions to humanity.