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Fixed Stars – Venus Conjunct to Procyon

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Procyon -  The Little Dog

From late tonight (1st Sept 12) into Monday evening (3rd Sept 12 - London time), Venus makes a conjunction to the fixed star Procyon, the main star in the constellation of Canis Minor (The Little Dog). Procyon precedes the arrival of Sirius “the Shining One” which is in Canis Major (The Big Dog constellation) and this timing has gone a long way to how Procyon is viewed.

There seems to be two or three schools of thought about this star. Under the influence of Procyon, one may rocket to fame but this is notoriety that will not last long. It can be viewed as an influence where you can make a statement or take an opportunity and try to capitalize on it before that chance is gone. The other comes from an association with this star and a Babylonian god of healing, so this star can indicate healing of some sort or a transformation in one’s fortunes. Robson says that this is a beneficial connection, associated with the church and favourable for gain.

Now Venus as it connects with Procyon it brings several possibilities to look at. In relationships (ruled by Venus), if there is somebody you want to connect with, either personal or in business, now maybe the time to make a connection with them. The chance may not be around for a long time as this star suggests, so grab it if it comes along. With Saturn square to Venus, you may be disappointed if you fail to take the chance but then again if you succeed, the Saturn can promise more stability and long term benefit than maybe a lone Venus Procyon connection normally brings.

The same idea can be used for money making or if you are after something special, maybe something new for the home or a new set of wheels that you have always wanted. Venus is associated with style and beauty, so now you can really go out and make a impression in a fashion sense to the world if you so wish, be it through your clothes or via a new hairstyle. It’s time for a brief moment to be a little bit individual, to show off who you are and what you are all about.

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