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Fixed Stars – Venus Conjunct to Fixed Star Pollux

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

the boxer

In Greek mythology the two twins Castor and Pollux were very different beings. Castor was mortal and a supreme horseman where as Pollux was immortal and an unbeatable boxer. In these two twins we had the idea of duality, of ying and yang, light and dark, good and evil, heaven and earth. Pollux represents the darker more difficult side of any issue, the alternative view, the one where you have to go through a trial of sorts, endure pain or anger. Castor is the intellectual of the two twins and he tended to use reason and logic to solve any problems. Pollux will approach the same problem from a more physical and combative way.

Any planet circling around the grand circle of constellations will encounter these two twins often in quick succession so both sides of a situation should come out one after another, for every bit of progress one makes, one has to take a step back as well.  Now Venus hitting Pollux shows the opposite view from the one shown a few days ago when Venus was conjunct to Castor. Venus is going to square to Saturn as this conjunction is made on 31st August so this indicates that taking an alternative line of action may fall foul of some sort of limitation or rules. This is especially pertinent if relationships are to the fore in your life. Perhaps something you said under the Castor influence on Tuesday or Wednesday will lead you into trouble and difficulty now?

Taking the example of the Republican Conference in Tampa, any words spoken by the delegates there will have darker ramifications now as the administration (the Democrats) respond in a forceful manner. Again we have the classic duality of Castor & Pollux coming out as the Republicans are preaching a new beginning, and the Democrats responding in kind refuting their claims to govern again. In your life, it’s time for you to get ready for somebody to throw the proverbial spanner in the works…

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