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Five Things I Really Want....

By Brokebutbeautiful @never2broke4bea
Five things I really want but have no idea if they exist, please help!
1)   A spot cream that actually works! I’m constantly trying out products that claim to shrink spots overnight or in one application but I still always end up waking up to an angry red mountain range of spots erupting on my chin. Help!!
2)   I really need a new moisturiser. I’m looking for one that is good on very dry skin but isn’t greasy so not to encourage anymore angry, volcanic looking spots on my chin. I’d also like it to have an SPF and preferably be under the £7.00 mark. Am I asking for too much?
3)   Some nail polish remover that doesn’t strip away a layer of my nails along with the polish. Honestly my nails are in such a poor state so I need a product that is nourishing and gentle and is preferably  under a fiver?
4)   Suggestions for a medium coverage liquid foundation that is long lasting, under £10.00 and suitable for super pale skin. 
5)   A cure for the common cold. Seriously, I’ve had enough and however much attention you draw to your eyes you can never really disguise a red, running nose!

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