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Five on Friday: Travel Blogger Phoebe Lee

By Blondeambition @BrookeFalvey
Blogging has brought some of the raddest people I know into my life. People who love sarcasm, stripes, drinking cocktails while playing putt putt, hiding in the toilet for a little time out, and wandering the globe while juggling multiple cameras and running multiple social media channels. One of those people is Phoebe Lee who, in conjunction with husband Matt, runs the awesome, fun and relatable travel blog, Little Grey Box. The best news? When they’re in Australia, they’re from Brisbane so we gets to hang every now and then. Here’s my girl, Phoebe. You better love her as much as I do! Happy Friday!  Five on Friday: Travel blogger Phoebe LeeDescribe yourself in 5 words:
That really awkward blonde Yeti.

When and why did you start your blog, Little Grey Box?
I started the blog on the floor my flat in London on a particularly cold (and boozey) night. I’d been in one of those yucky life spots for a while, you know, where you just feel unsatisfied and miserable but you can’t figure out why and all you want to do is sleep, watch tv and eat. I’d always loved to write and my partner suggested I start a blog as an outlet. I didn’t even know what a blog was! He had to explain it to me.

Where did the name Little Grey Box come from? Truth be told, when I started the blog I didn’t know what it would be about. So I figured it was a safe bet to name it something vague, rather than something super specific like ‘Phoebe’s Food Blog’. If you love words and language, you’ll probably have a weird obsession with words like I do. Those three words, Little Grey Box, just happened to be three words I really love!
Did you imagine you would ever be able to make a living from your blog? Absolutely not. Never in a million years. I just thought I wasn’t smart, funny, interesting, pretty enough, thin enough or good enough to succeed. Deep down I just thought I was so mediocre and boring and undeserving that nothing would come of it. I think one of the most important things that has come out of starting my blog and the whole journey, is learning a heck of a lot more respect and love for myself. It has changed my whole life.
What’s your favorite cuisine?
How the heck do you choose just one? Is Sizzler Buffet a cuisine? If I had to choose one it would probably be Mexican. I go mad for guacamole. It’s the nectar of the gods. Burritos. Enchiladas. Nachos. Mexican food is what life is really about.
What are the Top 5 things you can’t leave home without?
I like to leave home carrying as few things as humanly possible, so usually I just grab my black clutch which contains cards, lip-balm, no cash (cos I have no money), keys and phone.
Describe your favorite way to spend a Sunday.
Given I tend to be away from home so often, my favorite way to spend a Sunday is just vegged out in a bean bag in front of the couch, a couple of bottles of red, watching the crap out of some Netflix with my husband and our two cats. That, right there, is the dream.
What has been the highlight of your year?
I had a big night out and drank a horrifying combination and quantity of whisky, red wine and beer and woke up sans hangover, to this day I don’t know how. My wholesome highlight was the trip I just finished, working with Topdeck and AirAsia. My first solo trip was a Topdeck tour some 9 years ago, now I’m taking these trips as my job. It was a surreal moment, like the two trips were book-ends for my 20s. So cool!
Who are you favorite travel accounts to follow on Instagram? Are you kidding? So many! Well, you, Brooke. I’m obsessed with your entire life and who you are as a person. Also, Hello Emilie, Fluffpiece, Alamby, Rob Mulally, the amazing Polkadot Passport, ThisIsYugen and my boo, littlegreybox_matt.
What is your favorite city/country and why? I flip-flop on this all the damn time. I gotta say, I just got back from a trip to Laos and it was the next level. I did not expect Laos to be so gorgeous. All-time though, Iceland is the bomb. It’s ridiculously stunning. Find/stalk Phoebe on her blog, Little Grey Box, on Instagram here, on YouTube here (so worth subscribing, she’s hilarious) and on Facebook here. She also tweets, read them here. Five on Friday: Travel blogger Phoebe Lee

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