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Five Improvements That EA Sports Must Implement Into Madden 13

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

Five Improvements That EA Sports Must Implement Into Madden 13

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- Troy Ballard

At some point or another, we have all said, 'if EA Sports doesn't make improvements to next year's Madden, I'm not buying it.' Then like clockwork, we are guilty as sin of running out and buying the newest installment, just because we can't live without it, tossing any previous declarations to the side.
But this year, it's different, (we've heard this before, I know).
I have a sneaking feeling that we are all just about sick to our stomaches about having to play another Madden that not only is totally below our level of satisfaction, but also is completely broken!
It's like buying a brand new car off the lot, but it has all of the same problems at that '83 Chevy Impala -- broken air conditioner and all -- the only difference is the look of the damn thing!
In an effort to avoid buying a slightly more appealing '83 Impala, here are five improvements that must be made to Madden 13:

#5. Improve Weather Dynamics! 
Forgive me, I forgot that Pittsburgh is the rainest city in America.
For some reason, some ungodly reason, it rains like crazy whenever a franchise game is being played. It doesn't matter the location, the time, the month, whatever -- it just rains and rains and rains. Then, when users turn weather off, the reality of playing with no weather starts to really suck.
EA Sports, just balance out the rain. Thanks.

#4. Tight Ends Are Not That Good!
The ultimate cheese in Madden -- tight ends. It doesn't matter if the user is playing with Jermichael Finely or Cornelius Ingram, all tight ends in Madden play the same. They. Can't. Be. Covered.
The tipping-point for me was a ranked match online against the Green Bay Packers -- Finley: 14 catches,  140 yards, three touchdowns.
I'm done with the tight end B.S.
#3. What's a Defensive Line? 
There is nothing, nothing, worse than having an elite defensive line, and having them get no pressure. When Jason Babin, Trent Cole, and Cullen Jenkins are getting pancaked on every down -- there's something wrong.
Unless playing against an offensive lineman like Jake Long or Joe Thomas, I should be getting in the backfield on every down. No questions asked. There is not a single offensive line in the NFL that can hold a rush back consistently for four quarters.

#2. That Linebacker Can't Jump Like That! 
How many times have we been playing Madden, and have had a linebacker rocket-boot a one-handed interception over the middle? And not just one-handed interceptions, (which are irritating as hell to begin with), but simply linebackers having the jumping ability to swat passes and read passing plays to perfection.
Linebackers are few and far between that can play solid pass coverage, but in Madden they are a dime a dozen. This has been an issue for several installments, and if I have one more linebacker rocket-boot a pass on third-down, I'm going to throw-up.
*This also goes hand in hand with the 'psychic secondary players,' who can swat the ball without even looking at it. 

#1. Update and Fix Online Franchise!
Broken promises, broken dreams, and a broken game. EA Sports has made commitments for several years running that Online Franchise would be updated and fixed, and in return, we have -- nada.
For those who are familiar with My League Manager, Madden should have all those features in-game. There should be salary cap, the trading of draft picks, actual statistics for each player, a Pro-Bowl game, and essentially everything that is in offline, should be involved in online franchise.
This could be the deal-breaker for me -- if no improvements are made to online franchise (I know you've heard this before), I may not buy Madden. $60 is a lot to cash-out for a game that is the same run-down with that new sexy shine.
Although, maybe if we're lucky, EA Sports will actually come through strong. I doubt it. But, we can stilll dream, right?

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