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Five Go Mad in Switzerland – More Endurance Craziness

By Girlontheriver @girlontheriver

If you read the last couple of posts thinking that endurance challenges were only for people who could devote themselves to training full time, think again.

Five go mad in Switzerland – more endurance crazinessJust because you have a job and a life doesn’t mean there’s not time for a bit of rowing-based craziness in your life, as five of my fellow Monmouth RC rowers are about to prove. Despite full time, demanding jobs, they are heading off to take part in the 40th Tour du Leman race, circumnavigating Lake Geneva – a mind-boggling 160km round trip – around 15 hours without stopping.OK, but how is that going to work? Well, they’ll row 30 minutes at a time, and then change positions, with each rower swapping sides and the strokeman swapping with the cox. Are you picturing this? Needless to say, they’ve practised this maneuver on the further reaches of the river where they’re safely out of sight, so I haven’t yet seen it done, but I can confirm that each time they’ve returned safe and, more importantly, dry.As to the small but important matter of how they, ahem, take care of the call of nature, well I was too well brought up to ask. If I get enough clicks on the donate button below, though (and my stats never lie), I promise to ask and let you know.Donate? You mean there’s money involved? Well, yes. They are raising money for St David’s Foundation Hospice Care and they’re hoping to raise £2,500.

Before you decide what to give, here’s what a friend of mine from the club, whose father passed away a few months ago, had to say about this charity:

“The St David’s team were fantastic during his treatment and especially so during his last few weeks. Without their help, support & knowledge we would have found it impossible to keep him at home with all his family around him. Everything we required, from nursing care, night nurses, medication and equipment was supplied quickly and efficiently. It made a frightening and harrowing experience bearable knowing they were there for any support we needed. We are extremely lucky to have this organisation in this area – please dig deep & help support this exceptional charity.”

Here’s how to help the guys to reach their target:

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