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Five Favorites: September 2011

By Kellabella @kellabel
I cant believe its time for me to do another monthly favorites post, I feel like I just did August's. Time does fly, way too fast sometimes. This month, as far as beauty products was pretty simple for me. I don't feel like I used anything to fancy that much. I pretty much kept it simple, I find that I tend do this a lot in the summer months bc of the heat. Most of these products are ones I've had that I started using more this month. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment :))
Five Favorites: September 2011 Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment Whenever I use this 3 minute miracle treatment my hair feels totally different. I've yet to find a regular conditioner that does what this does. I don't use it everyday, I probably would if I didn't have to wait 3 minutes to rinse it out. I know, I'm very impatient. I also found if I leave it in my hair for about 5 minutes the results are better. It's made for dry or damaged hair and its a simple solution to soft manageable hair. When I use this I can tell as soon as I start rinsing it out that my hair feels great. I have less tangles when getting out of the shower, I have an easier time blow drying and styling and I don't feel like I need to use as much, or if any kind of anti-frizz serum. One of the best things about this product is that its super affordable. This is my second bottle and I've never paid more than $3.99. The packaging makes it easy to get every last drop out of the bottle. I highly recommend this to anyone that deals with dry/coarse or frizzy hair. You can find it any local drugstore. 
e.l.f Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzer Duo Five Favorites: September 2011 This is another great bargain, this cheap duo has gotten a lot of use from me all summer long. When I first opened it I didn't think I was going to like it because it lhas a shimmery look.  But once you put   it on you dont notice the shimmer. A lot of people have compared this to NARS Orgasam/Lugana Duo, I recently saw a YT video comparing the two and its not that similar but I like the elf duo better. I dont contour my cheeks everyday but when I do the bronzer works great for this and its buildable.  As far as the blush, I use it on top of my Milani Mineral Blush in Sunset bc its a peachy color. So when I mix it with a little bit of elf's blush it gives the peachy color a glowy light pink tint. The packaging on the other hand would be great if the mirror inside didn't fall off. But who knows, I could have dropped it a few times. I've never used the mirror anyway so it doesnt bother me. This was only $3 at Target! I know, only $3! If your local Target sells elf products you'll probably find it there or you can order it from the elf website.
                                    Rimmel's Fix & Perfect Primer
Five Favorites: September 2011 This is my favorite drug store primer because its not like the rest of the primers out there. It doesn't have that silky gooey feeling like the rest of the primers do. When I first tried it I got a little nervous bc it's not clear,its peach but when applied it blends right in and there's no traces of peach. Not only does this primer help my foundation stay on for a long time it also really evens out my skin tone. I know a lot of other primers promise to do the same but this is the only one that has delivered. On a good skin day, I've been able to leave the house with just the primer and a little blush or bronzer. It makes my foundation go on a lot more evenly too. I think I should go stock up on this in case it gets discontinued! On another good note it was only $7.99 and thats pretty good for me compared to the $50 I used to spend on Smashbox's primer. I've seen this at local drugstores (anywhere that sells Rimmel products)
Wet n Wild Coloricon in Lust 
Five Favorites: September 2011 I've been a huge fan of their new color icon palettes. I think I almost have every one. I'm missing a few but I'll defenitly get them. I'm so impressed with this new line. The colors are all so rich and pigmented and they last on my eyes for hours without that annoying crease you get with some other eye shadows. One of my recent  favs that I've been using more this month is called Lust. It has 6 different colors, 3 are matte and 3 are shimmery. The colors range from a light pale pink to a dark highly pigmented purple. You can make a very pretty purple smokey eye or an everyday pretty purple look. Some days when I dont have the time or dont  feel like doing a full eye makeup look, I will just use the pale pink or pale nude colors all over my entire eye lid and Im good to go. I love how you can get so many different looks with the colors in there palettes including this one. If you haven't tried these new palettes you really need to, take my word for it. I've read a lot of reviews that say they compare these to MAC's eyeshadows and I totally agree, except these are a whole lot cheaper. You cant go wrong. They have a trio palette's for $2.99, the 6 color palette's are $3.99 and the 8 colored ones are $5.99. You can find these at drugstores where Wet n Wild products are sold.  
L'OREAL HIP High Intensity Pigments in Progressive Five Favorites: September 2011 Five Favorites: September 2011 This is actually a random eye shadow or pigment that I picked up over a year ago at CVS bc it was 50% off.  I forgot I had it until a few weeks ago when I came across it in one of my draws. It's so tiny its easy to look over. I use this as an eye liner usually on my lower lid. It's a rich dark bronze color as you can see in the pics and  they call it Progressive for some reason. I either use it alone or over a brown eye liner. It really makes your eyes pop, especially for blue eyes.  I use a slanted eye liner brush to apply this. You just have to be careful because the fall out could be a little messy and I have to be careful not to get one of the tiny  particles in my eye. ( Its happened and its annoying lol). Before I apply it I make sure that the color is packed on to the brush well to prevent fall out. Im not sure if they sell them anymore, they might. I haven t actually looked for them. They had a few other colors, I think a pretty blue, a silver, pink and a few others. This is another product that can last you forever because you only need  a tiny bit. Too much wont look right .I wish I could remember how much it was. Sorry. If anybody's seen these or owns them, let me know!  Five Favorites: September 2011

   So these are my five favorite products Ive been using over this month. If you have used any of these products leave me a comment and let me know how you like them. 

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