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Five Favorites: October 2011

By Kellabella @kellabel
I have to say this time, I'm actually excited that October is over bc I love this season. I'm not too crazy about Thanksgiving but Christmas is my favorite time of the year and right after that is my birthday. Then I'm impatiently waiting spring. Anyway, this month's products were a little hard to choose, I guess there weren't too many new products I used. That's okay though because I was still able to pick out five I was loving in October.
DeMert Nail Enamel Dryer
Manicurist's Finishing Spray

Five Favorites: October 2011 I've been using this spray for years on and off. I've always wondered why I've never heard about this product on beauty sites, magazines or blogs. It could be because I only see it at few drugstores and its usually hidden at the very end of the makeup aisles in the nail section. I always notice a difference in how long it takes my nails to dry when I use it. I spray each nail (or hand) right after applying polish and then a few other times. I feel like I have more time to do my nails when I have this spray, bc I know it wont take as long for my nails to dry. For such a big bottle I do go through it a little quick, but that's only bc I use a lot of it. I've only found this at CVS or Walgreen's and paid $3.99.

Moroccanoil - The Original Oil Treatment

Five Favorites: October 2011 I bought this product a few months ago but just starting using it a few weeks ago. I'm so mad I waited so long to try it. I've been using either CHI's silk infusion or Paul Michelle's Super Skinny Serum. I really like this stuff better, the other products are great but I can tell this helps with my split ends.  My hair is naturally wavy, a little dry and will get frizzy without using any kind of products to calm it down. I only use a little less than a dime size of the oil and work it through my hair from my ends up to the mid shaft. If you use too much of this stuff it will make your hair greasy looking and for me if I apply it near my roots it will just weigh my hair down. So you just have to be careful but i love how it gives my hair shine, moisturizes, cuts down on drying time which is a big deal for me! I recommend this product to anyone that has dry hair, lacks shine or needs help straightening their hair. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it but I know it was a little on the pricey side. The bottle is big and since you don't need a lot it should last you a while. You can find this at local beauty stores.
L.A. Colors Mini Glitter Polishes  

Five Favorites: October 2011 I couldn't resist when I saw this package of 5 mini glitter polishes by L.A Colors. First off, the size itself are too cute and they came in the normal glitter color, a silver, baby pink, dark purple and dark blue.  All the glitter colors you need! Well for me anyway, I don't wear glitter too much because I find it so annoying to try and remove but I still love it. I bought these a few months ago at Rite Aid. I've never seen this package sold anywhere else so I'm guessing it was some sort of special. I've used a few of them to add some glitter to my nails. I've used one coat or 3 coats, depending on how much glitter you want. For the brand and price I thought the polish was pretty decent. What girl doesn't love a little glitter on their nails? For all 5 of these polishes, I paid only $4.99 at Rite-Aid.
MAC Mineralize Blush in Warmth of Color

Five Favorites: October 2011 I actually won this product from Beauty In NYC's birthday giveaway. I've used MAC's blushes before but never there mineralize blush. The color I won couldn't have been more perfect for my skin tone. The color is Warmth of Color which is from the MAC Semi Precious Collection and I've heard this color is sold out everywhere, lucky me!! I've been using this almost everyday since I got it. I love the golden shimmer and soft color it has and it has great staying power too. Plus you cant go wrong with MAC. I use it on top of my regular blush to give my skin a soft highlight. It's very buildable too so a little goes a long way. The name of this blush describes the color perfectly. I can't see myself going through this fast since I don't have to use a lot which is a good thing bc they don't make it anymore. I'm gonna have to pace myself with this product lol. I cant say how much it was since I didn't buy it but I'm sure it's worth every penny!
Bamboo Wear Bambuki Brush
by Physicians Formula

Five Favorites: October 2011 Personally I think this is the ultimate powder & bronzer brush and one of my favs. It's just like a kabuki brush but bigger, I have a thing for mega size brushes and this one looked perfect for applying my everyday bronzer. I was right because I bought it about a year ago and it's still in pretty good condition. I've taken care of it by washing every few weeks (or once a month depending how lazy I'm being). It's designed with a full head of natural hair and has a comfortable handle. This brush has really made applying bronzer effortless, all I do is lightly sweep the bristles over my product, tap off the excess and lightly brush all over my face and neck. This is also useful for loose face powder or pressed. For a drugstore brand this brush is pretty darn good! It's made by Physicians Formula and I bought it at Walgreen's for $9.99. In my opinion this brush is just as good as some high end brushes but with a lower price tag.
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