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Five Favorites: April 2012 Video

By Kellabella @kellabel
Hey Dolls!
You know how I like to experiment with making videos, so I decided to make a video of my five favorites for April. It was fun so I might do it for every month and maybe I will get better at the whole filming process. I still wrote a short description for each product. Like I said in the video these aren't really new products, I've had them for a at least a month or more.


I love to swatch my nail polishes and see how they look outside of the bottle before using them on my nails. These wheels are perfect for that, they sell them for nail salons to show off there colors and nail art. I also use them a lot to practice a design before I go ahead and do it on my real nails. They came in a package of 10 for around $5 and I got them at Sally's Beauty Supply.


I unfortunately  never think to use or buy eye cream which I will probably regret one day. I received this in a package with other Simple products. This is the first eye cream/gel that I have actually used for more than a week. The reason I like this one is because of the metal ball applicator and how cool and refreshing it feels. Plus it's really easy to apply, no having to dab a million times around your eyes. It's made with lots of vitamins, natural ingredients and cucumber extract.

I've had this in my favorites before but I wanted to include it in this month too because I've been using it a lot lately. One day I ran out of my regular conditioner so I used this instead and I was surprised how soft and healthy my hair still came out. After that day I started using it as my regular conditioner and leaving it in for about 5 minutes. I love this stuff, in replace of my regular conditioner and as a deep conditioner. Plus it's so inexpensive, the most I've ever paid for it was $4. The results are totally worth it.
I've been using this nail hardener for about a year now as a base coat. I picked it up at a beauty supply store out of state. I've never heard of the brand nails alive but my nails hardly ever break or chip and I really think it has to do with this polish. I use it as a base coat everytime I apply nail polish so I basically always have it on. I think that's why my nails are pretty strong. If anyone has ever seen this brand of nail hardener anywhere please let me know because I would love to get another one.

I tend to have more dry skin than anything else so I always have to have a good moisturizer. I've tried a lot of Garnier's moisturizers and have been pleased with mostly all of them. This one is no different, I use after washing my face morning and night. It doesn't clog my pores,it's gentle but is thick enough to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. I think that's why I tend to keep buying moisturizers by Garnier because there all like that. Plus it doesn't have that weird fragrance smell to it like some others do. I think it was either $9 or $10 at CVS.
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