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Fish Tank Play Dough Activity

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Fish Tank Play Dough Activity It's no secret that play-dough is part of childhood, especially with little ones when wet weather strikes.  Trying to keep it fresh and original, and ever-amusing can take a bit of effort on the parents part however.  I came up with one idea that made the girls think a bit harder about how to use a new packet of coloured clay, and that was to give them blue plastic plates and tell them to make a fish tank.  Now we were lucky enough to have one mold that makes fish, so making a fish for them was an easy way to get them in the mood.  They were then quick to add coral, seaweed, eels, bubbles, octopus and other more unique 'fish' the type of which science is yet to discover.
You could also tweak this idea and use plastic plates as a base to make ponds, cakes, pizzas, the view through a telescope or portal window of an alien space craft.  Think about what sort of moulds you have in your kit, what color clay you have, what things your children like, and then look for plates to suit.
When it comes time to make the craft, don't just walk away (or at least not straight away), take a moment to ask them what kind of things they might expect to find in a fish tank / outer space / pizza pie, and give them some hints on how to fashion up said items.  Remember that the more successful they are at making things, the more satisfaction everyone is going to get out of the crafting journey.  Praise the good things, try not to over correct too much of the weird blobby things, although I'm a believer in gently helping them to improve things within reason from time to time (control freak that I may just possibly be), and even take a photo of some of the items they're most proud of before you pack it all away.
Most of all... you know it; have fun!
Linda x

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