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First Thing… The Godfather

Posted on the 01 August 2011 by Raghavmodi @raghavmodi
First Thing… The Godfather
We all have a list of movies that we should have seen, but we have not. I’m not talking about the latest releases, but the classics. The films that are part of almost all film discussions. The ones that you dare not say you have not seen. The ones that you know just enough about to sound informative when you lie about having watched them during a film talk.
Now, I know you are smart enough to have figured out from the title and the above paragraph that I have not seen The Godfather (or the sequels for that matter). There is no real reason for this. I just haven’t. I plan to someday and that to sooner than later… I hope.
So, in order to gain some more information on the film, just so that I can pretend to have seen it, I asked some of my twitter friends what is the "first thing that comes to your mind when I say The Godfather".
As always, all of the following are excellent film enthusiasts that I recommend following on twitter. You can simply click on their name below which is also a link to their twitter profile.
@Dale_SaxonIII - Overrated film experience unless you really like spaghetti.
@snobbyfilmguy - Whenever someone mentions The Godfather I immediately think of its epic nature.
@nuts4r2 - Horse's head!
@FilmSamurai - Don Corleone sitting in his office in his tuxedo at his daughters wedding petting his white cat.
@NJHallard - The music.
@littlestpicshow - Instantly think Marlon Brando and respecting the family, as he sort of optimises what the film is and stands for in my opinion. @askimrach - Oops another film I haven't seen, I've never fancied it.
So, based on the above information that I have so cheekily gathered, the next time I have a conversation on The Godfather, this will be my official stand;
“The Godfather is an overrated film experience of epic nature where scenes with a horses head and Don Corleone petting a white cat stand out along with the music and respect for the family.”
Do you think I can get away with that?

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