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First Shot!

By Vickilane
First Shot!Madison County's Health Department is handling vaccines in an admirable fashion. When we saw on their Facebook page that they were taking appointments for those over 75, I called at once and was given a time slot. A later call collected our insurance and health info. So yesterday, all we had to do was show up.  There was no waiting. We stayed in the car, masks on, while the charming provider verified our names. Then we signed a paper, bared our arms, and got the shots--all without leaving the car.

We had to wait fifteen minutes to be sure there were no immediate adverse reactions. There weren't--except from our car which refused to start--dead battery.

No worries! The charming provider went and got her car, pulled it in next to us, and she and John hooked up the jumper cables. Presto! We were on the road again.

Now that's what I call a full service health department.

First Shot!

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