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First Post.

By Mollyfergurson @mprettystylish
First blog post. No pressure….
The actual decision to start a blog was not an easy one. I don’t have a ton of ‘extra’ time and wasn’t really sure how to position myself in the blogging community. After a few months of trial and error, numerous calls / texts to friends begging to help me with a name, and doing enough research to figure out what I did NOT want to do……I’m finally ready!
This blog is part fashion, part foodie, and part lifestyle.
So…..who am I??
Name: MollyAge: Late 20’sLocation: NYC metro area, transplanted from the MidwestEducation: Bachelor’s Degree, Communications with concentration in PRFashion Stylist certification, Fashion Institute of TechnologyOccupation:  Project Mgr (design, marketing) for a classic women’s retailer in NYC
Interest in fashion: I’ve been drawing dresses since I was 3 years old, it came as no surprise to anyone that as soon as I graduated from college I rushed into my first fashion job at a luxury brand. I have also had stints as a freelance wardrobe stylist (my passion) as well as fashion project mgmt and even as a personal assistant to a NYC socialite – who was very fashionable I must say.
Interest in food: Well, I spent most of my childhood in the Midwest – so I have experienced the gamut of fried and buttered foods. While my family was always somewhat healthy, I was never interested in ‘healthy’ foods until I took an interest in my body / weight. Clearly – things begin to change when you eat a regular healthy diet. Through the years I developed some digestive issues, which a few doctors attributed to a gluten sensitivity. Bye Bye gluten. After almost 3 years of being (mostly) gluten free I have taken an interest in cooking as well as healthy dining. Although I do enjoy junk food (and booze) – 95% of the time I have a healthy diet, and I LOVE to eat J
Lifestyle: Yeah, this is kind of a catch-all for anything else I decide to put on here.
Keep coming back for more fun and fabulous post’s.
Oh….and add me to your favorites :)
First Post.

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