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First Off, I Would Like to Dedicate My First Blog to Krys...

Posted on the 16 January 2013 by Stupiditybloggr @StupidityBloggr
First off, I would like to dedicate my first Blog to Krystal Miller Robb. Without her I would have never even thought of making a Blog. Thanks Krystal!
Okay, now to get started. I am starting this Blog because of my pure outrage and disgust for what the US is becoming. I often think, "What is America coming to"? and "How did it get this way"? Well I'll tell you the most logical reason I can think of. God, God has been taken out of Schools, God has been taken out of the workplace, and God has been taken out of the US Government! Have you ever noticed that US currency no longer bears the phrase "In God We Trust"? Well, personally, I believe that America doesn't trust in God to solve their problems. I believe that Americans are looking for the Government to solve everything. Let me rephrase that statement, I believe Democrats are looking for the Government to solve everything. Now, I'm not saying that Republicans are perfect, because we're not. But, I believe we have morals and try our hardest to abide by them. I myself, don't trust the US government at the time. Our President, Barack Obama has lied and lied about lying and lied about lying about lying to every American, constantly and consistently. Yes I understand that everyone tells a little white lie every once in awhile. But, Mr. Obama, you took it to a whole new level. You are without a doubt, both a pathological and a compulsive liar. 
Pathological liars lie because they are goal focused; they lie, cheat, and manipulate while not caring about who they hurt in the process. 
Compulsive liars lie because telling the truth is uncomfortable with them and lying feels right. This may be because they are scared of the outcome and effects that telling the truth may have.
Never before in history has a nation so great fallen so far, so fast, as ours did on November 6, 2012. How could a country as great as the United States re-elect a President that has done absolutely nothing for our economy, our country, and our people? The only explanation I have for this is stupidity, ignorance, and INSANITY! Albert Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Using this definition, anyone who expects anything different from Barack Obama must surely be insane! 
This brings me to the highly debated question "Are Americans better off than they were 4 years ago"? Well, lets start off with some facts and figures from 2009 and present.
National Debt
2009: 10.6 TrillionNow: 16.4
Food Stamps
2009: 32.2 million people enrolledNow: 47.7 million people
Unemployment2009: 7.8%Now: 7.8% as of December,
Median Household Income2009: $54,983Now: $50,
Gas Prices2009: $1.85Now: $
Now with that said, you tell me, are Americans better off now than they were 4 years ago? I think not! 
Thanks for reading, come back tomorrow to read my Blog on gun control.
Also, if you like my blog please share with others that have our same views. Thanks again!

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