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Gun Control - Will It Make a Difference?

Posted on the 20 January 2013 by Stupiditybloggr @StupidityBloggr
Bill Clinton to Democrats
I am going to start this post out by discussing Bill Clinton's speech to the Obama National Finance Committee. Clinton is right on point when he says "A lot of these people live in a world very different from the world lived in by the people proposing these things." followed by "I know because I come from this world." Clinton, you couldn't have said this any better.
I also live in this "world", as does many of my family members and friends. When you grow up with guns, it becomes a lifestyle or, a way of life.
As I write these posts, I try to be fair and look at both sides of the story. I feel for the parents and families of the Sandy Hook massacre and any other family that is mourning the death of a loved one because of gun violence. I have also lost a loved one to a firearm. Granted, the situation was much different, being it was a suicide and not a homicide. But, none the less, a gun still caused the fatality. The other difference is, I chose to look at it in a different way than most would. I didn't blame the gun, I blamed him. This does not apply to all gun violence cases though.
In reference to the quotes, "If there is a will, there is a way" and "Anything is possible if you set your mind to it." If you've read some of my previous posts on my blog, I discuss holding the person responsible for their actions. To quote the NRA, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." This is true! If someone is determined to cause bodily harm or death to another individual, it is going to take place. Whether this is by gun, knife, bomb, poison, hammer, etc.
I believe the answer is not in banning guns or decreasing the amount of ammunition a magazine can hold. I do believe in making it more difficult for VIOLENT felons and mental health patients to obtain guns legally. The reason I wrote VIOLENT in all capital letters is because, all felons are not violent and should not be punished for "failure to pay child support" or any other non-violent felonies. I do believe in enforcing the gun laws we already have in place.
Some of the Executive actions that President Obama has put in place are pointless and a waste of time and money. There are other ways to reduce gun violence other than trying to ban Assault Rifles or reducing the amount of ammunition the magazine can hold.
There are also ways to reduce gun violence without punishing the good, law abiding gun owners. We should focus more on the violent criminals, the mental health community, and the economy.
For example, the penal system. One time offenders that serve time in prison not only pay for their crime by going to prison, they also pay for their crime when they are released from prison. I believe that an individual should not be punished for their crime for the rest of their life, which in all reality, they do. There are some cases in which they should, rape, murder, etc. Most people don't understand how this one single crime on their record will affect the rest of their life. For these individuals, finding a job is next to impossible. This, in result, causes some of these offenders to do what it takes to survive, whether it is by robbery, burglary, or selling drugs. Lets be real here, most of us have committed crimes or, broke the law in some way. The difference between us and them is that they got caught, we didn't.
Our economy, pretty much the same idea. If we could fix our economy and produce more jobs for the American people that are currently unemployed, this will not only cut Government spending by reducing the amount of welfare and medicaid recipients but, it will also reduce street crime. A high percentage of gun violence is because of drug deals, robberies, and burglaries gone bad. Face it, money does make the world go round! With our economy in such a weak state and jobs being so scarce, these good people are resulting to illegal activities.
Take a few minutes and ask yourself this question, "If I have exhausted all possible ways to feed myself and my children, would I do WHATEVER it took to make sure they are well nourished and have a roof over their head?"
As a Country, we need to stop being so self centered and greedy! Let's get together and help these people! Donate a quarter to charity, buy the homeless man outside McDonalds a cheeseburger, pay the guy standing on the side of the highway with a "Will work for food sign" to mow your grass, or take a chance and hire a felon. When our Country comes together and starts to do this kind of stuff more, I believe it will be more effective than any gun law! I know this is just my opinion, but, it's worth a try.
My answer to the question, will gun control make a difference? No, I don't think so. Adding more laws to the laws already in place is not going to impact gun violence. Criminals do not obey the law, that is why they're called criminals. The executive actions taken by our President are not going to decrease any of the factors that lead to violence itself.
PLEASE, post your comments and your thoughts on this subject! Thanks for reading!

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