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By Dastein

Well I did it, i got my first article published on entitled, How Dehydration can Cause Depression to Worsen. An examination of the impact dehydration has on the human body and how it can exacerbate depression (as well as other potential mood disorders). It’s fascinating how it only takes a small decrease in the body’s water to cause dehydration and other compilations.

I began noticing a pattern in my own body when I overly thirsty, I would be increasingly anxious, paranoid, lethargic and depressed. In fact it had a snowball effect as the day wore on. However, if. I drank a lot of water, my mood would almost immediately improve. I was blown away that something as simple as proper hydration could lead to an improvement in my overall mental health. As such, I decided to write the above mentioned article as a way to inform more people about the dangers of dehydration.

In fact, I was astonished to find that most people don’t realize they are dehydrated until it’s too late, at which point the mind has already started to change for the worse.

Well that’s all for now I need to get a cup of coffee and fully wake up. If you get a chance please check out my article and pass it along to your friends so that we can get the word out there of the perils of dehydration:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and restful week,


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