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Computer is Back Online, But My Mind is Clouded

By Dastein

It’s weird writing this post on a computer instead of a phone. For the last few months (maybe more, as time seems to be “off”) I’ve been using my phone for everything. All posts, articles, facebook updates and emails had been done on a cellphone, causing constant eyestrain and frustration. I couldn’t believe how unstable mobile websites were until I had to write a blog post using the iphone’s version of wordpress (not the app, the safari version). Every time I realized I made a spelling error, I couldn’t just click the word and re-write it. Instead, I had to highlight the entire post and slowly minimize the “selection” bar until I had the word highlighted. Sometimes the post would be deleted accidentally, or safari would freeze, or the selection process wouldn’t work, or…I guess you get the picture. The process was a pain in the ass. I then realized I could use the notepad (a pre-installed app all iPhones have) to write my posts, but a new problem arose. When I would try to transfer the post to wordpress it wouldn’t format correctly.

As you can see I’ve been having quite a bit of fun the last few months. Sorry this post is going to be really short. My mind is still in a haze, my eyes are extremely dry (it doesn’t matter how many times I use eye drops/lubricants my eyes are extremely dry within 15 min), my hands are hurting, my stomach is cramping, my mind is farting and well I just feel like crap. Even this post is starting to get weird as my hands are trying create witty things (that’s right, my hands are taking over writing this post, I’m just sitting here as they type alone while my mind is wandering, listening to my neighbors yell at each other over video games, my cat complaining I’m not playing with him and the wind invading my personal space). Maybe I’m just starting to get depressed or I didn’t sleep enough. Whatever the case is, something isn’t right. 

Ugh, my mind is foggy. 

My eyes are dry, which is the worst part. Every time my eyes dry out, my mind automatically thinks it’s bedtime. I don’t know why that’s the case, but right now all I want to do is crawl into my bed (well actually I don’t own a bed, I sleep on a comfy chair that my dad found at a Jewish Community Center “garage” sale) and sleep. 

I hope everyone is doing well, or at least better than (sorry I don’t know if that is the right then/than, I’m having a hard time determining things so if it’s the wrong one, please mentally change it as your reading. I don’t mean to put extra pressure on you the reader..crap now I’m sounding like some douche bag who is creating this existential Hollywood…no wait now that is making me sound like a pseudo-hip writer making whimsical commentary..that sounds even weirder. Well as you can see I’m having a slight problem with the thoughts bouncing around in my head. It might be foggy, but the thoughts don’t seem to want to stop racing. Maybe I’m manic instead of depressed. Or maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep). 

I think I’m just going to stop before this turns into 

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