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Finding My Chi

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I was waiting in line at the post office today to send some SUAR shirts to Australia and Canada (people like to shut up and run in lots of countries, apparently), when it happened.

For starters, this is a VERY small town post office. Like, one room. I try to be aware of personal space, so I gave the gentleman at the counter ahead of me a good five feet. That was a smart move on my part because while I was waiting, a fart slipped out. Of me. Not an SBD, mind you. But a full-on airy, loud one.

There were only three of us in the room. Yet, I somehow thought I could get away with it. I gazed around, my eyebrows raised, as if to say “Are you kidding me? Who DOES that in a small room??

I like to think I left them wondering, “Was that a fart or was that duck? Wait! I didn’t see any ducks. Maybe it was my imagination. Now way in hell that girl waiting in line would rip one right in front of everyone at the post office.” If only they knew who they were dealing with.

The fart kind of took my by surprise. I had just come from my daughter’s fifth grade graduation where I had an ample slice of a giant gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. Some people are allergic to gluten and it makes them fart and do other things. Apparently, I am allergic to gluten free products. Go figure.

Oh yeah, this is a running blog, not a fart blog. Well, it is actually kind of both, but let’s move onto running for good measure.

I know you will be surprised to hear this from the injury/fart queen, but my running is actually going well - when I finally get out the door after nine cups of coffee. I put in about 20 pain free miles last week.


I have had two sessions with my form coach and three PT sessions. I am working on:

  • Making sure my glutes are firing properly. HAHA – just like at the post office today
  • Building glute strength
  • Landing on my mid foot
  • Keeping my feet under my center of gravity (hips) when I land
  • Having a slight lean forward at the ankles
  • RELAXING, letting my upper body release.

Let me tell you I can feel the difference in my form. I have almost no pain in my glutes and hamstrings - the source of my pain for so long. However, trying to change something like the way you run is like trying to get milk from a bull’s nipples.

Bottom line, it is hard (the running, not the nipple). There are times when I want to just go back to the way it was, where I could run without thinking about it. But, look where that got me.

I am trying to remember that it takes time to change habits and patterns (great article about changing habits found HERE). I am incredibly impatient. I want it and I want it now.  I am learning that change is slow and it helps to work on one thing at a time. Eliminate one bad habit or adopt one good habit a month. Don’t try for too much and set yourself up to fail.

On that note, I was incredibly excited this week when I got in an invitation to attend a Chi Running workshop with Chi founder, Danny Dreyer. It is on June 2 in Denver, for any of you wanting to learn more about this stuff.

Here’s a snippet about Chi Running from the website:

“Running has gotten a bad rap. For many years people believed the myth that running causes pain and injury and is actually harmful to the body, despite its many health benefits.

One aspect of our mission is to disprove this myth. Since 1999, Chi Running customers have changed their running technique, reducing, preventing and recovering from running injuries. Beginning runners have found that our natural, full-foot running technique is easier and more enjoyable. Competitive runners have found increased speed and decreased recovery time, without being plagued by running injuries. Injured runners come back to running empowered with information to prevent recurrence.”

If it sounds too good to be true, let’s hope it’s not. Optimistically, I am choosing to commit to a more natural way of running with hopes of becoming a more efficient and injury resistant runner. If it’s not for me, I’ll move onto the next thing, like trying to get milk from a bull’s nipple.

Having an open mind is a wonderful thing.

Any habits you are trying to change right now?

Have you tried Chi Running before or attended a workshop?


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