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Finally New Hair Color!

By Yessy_suwandi @yessy_1988
Hi there!!
Today i was going to touch up my hair color, since there are too much bad-black roots here and there.Well, i have asked my obstetrician if i may do this and since my pregnancy is already reach its 16 weeks (most primary organs of my baby have been already formed), he said it will be okay. 
This time, i tried Etude House Bubble Hair BR05 Dark Brown. It has been quite a long time since my last time use Etude House hair coloring product, i have used Freshlight for several times ago.
And i have been so curious because this color BR05 has been such a hit at my online store, so i am going to try this too. Besides, i want to darken my hair color, because sometimes it is kinda hard to adjust my brow color if i have a very bright hair color.
Lets take a look first at my previous hair!Finally New Hair Color!
Finally New Hair Color!
Finally New Hair Color!
Finally New Hair Color!
Yikessss, black roots' everywhere!
And here the product i will use. You could see another review of this Etude House Bubble Hair Color here and here. I have tried so many color of them but not this one.Finally New Hair Color!
I applied it first on my entire roots then even it up on my entire head. Leave it for about 45 minutes. If you have a long hair, you could try my previous tutorial for bubble hair coloring product, since i have a super short hair, it will take much lesser times and steps.And here is my final hair color!Finally New Hair Color!The color looks so bright here although it is dark brown in fact.
Finally New Hair Color!
Finally New Hair Color!
Finally New Hair Color!It covers my roots nicely!I am so glad that it turns this way, i have tried another color of Etude House Bubble Hair and it was going too bright when applied on my hair. That is all i wanna share today, see you on my next post!
Lotta Love,Yessy

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