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Finally a Fat Positive Salon

By Danceswithfat @danceswithfat

Finally a Fat Positive SalonAs I wrote about recently, going to a salon – whether it’s for mani/pedi’s, a haircut, or special occasion make-up – can be a terrible experience for fat people. From worrying whether the salon had the sense to purchase chairs that accommodate us, to worrying that the person treating us will be a massive fatphobe who will ruin what should be a lovely moment of self-care (raise your hand if you’ve had a hair stylist or makeup artist suggest something to you because it will be “slimming” or argue about your request because it won’t be “slimming,”) to patrons (or even stylists/technicians) who look at us like they’re going to catch fat from getting a brow wax in the same place as us, there are lots of ways that this can go wrong.

Enter Babydoll Beauty Couture salon.  A salon by plus size people, for plus size people. The stylists themselves can recall “being turned away from a nail salon because of fears she would break their chair, the awkward maneuvering to fit her thighs into a standard salon chair and many furtive glances from others.” They also discuss having been discriminated against by employers who, it seems, were more interested in the stereotype of beauty than skills and experience.

After having been the victim of a weak chair in a salon, Jamie Lopez had sworn off salons altogether. She decided that fat women deserved better from their salon experience. Her salon, Babydoll Beauty Couture, is giving fat women in Vegas the experience we deserve. A waxing bench and salon chairs that support up to 800 pounds, stylists who are excited to be there and excited to serve fat folks.  If you find yourself in the Vegas area, stop by for a well-deserved treat – they are happy to work with people of all sizes!

For now, you can check out their video!

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