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Fighting The Fever ...

Posted on the 25 March 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
Like many, we found ourselves overjoyed at the prospect of new things from The Black Keys ... but came over a bit surprised at the uninformed announcement of Fever. Nonetheless we were happy to come at it with open arms, only to find that we weren't all that sure on it, and that our ears were fighting back against it.
Fighting The Fever ...The fact that El Camino had a dusty and old-school rock ethic to it, meant that the immediate introduction of synths and faux drums turned our noses imminently ... however, when the vocal came in we did start to come around.The endless struggle meant that we "umm"ed and "aah"ed time and time again pondering on the thought of whether or not we liked it. The vocal, and the fact that the effects had gone unchanged meant that we thought "yes", but the (at points) overbearing change to musical style scared us, and with lots of change, made us exclaim "no".All in all, you'll find that, actually, this single just doesn't bear quite as much "umph" about it, as their previous and most famous lead single, Lonely Boy, once did. There's something a little lack luster about it, which means that your attention might not instantly be grabbed, and that, after that initial shock, you won't be coming back.We'd suggest that you give this one a few goes to be honest. It is a good song, there's absolutely no doubting it, but we believe it to be one that you really have to give your time and effort in order to befriend. Once you've found that mutual ground, which will happen eventually, we wouldn't be surprised if you fell in love ... don't fight the fever.

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