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By Rubytuesday
I've decided to fightTo fight for my lifeFor my sanity For my healthAnd my mental healthFor my futureFor my dogsBut most of all for my familyI might survive another relapseBut it would damn near kill my familyI truly believe that an addicts family get the brunt of addictionAt least the addict gets to zone out with drink/drugsThe family has to suffer through it all
So yesI was sitting on my living room with my mother and my sister last nightAnd I thought to myself Where would I rather be?Would I rather be out in The Boys houseDrinking cups of poppy teaPassive weed smokingListening to them waffle on in a drug addled monolog about the meaning of life?I suddenly thought to myselfI don't want thatI would much rather be here with my family watching EastendersAnd drinking good old fashioned Barry's tea
It's no exaggeration to say that The Boy has turned my world upside downAnd my poor sister doesn't know what to doIt's up to me to put this rightAnd to earn get trust backNot easy let me tell youI just don't want my mother to knowIf I can get through this without telling her then I will
But yesI have no other option than to fightIf not for myselfThen for my familyThey don't deserve thisGod knows they have suffered enoughI'm doing this for themUntil I'm able to do it for myself 

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