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Feminist Essay Contest

Posted on the 22 July 2011 by Danielleb
My friend Talia runs a fabulous blog called Star of Davida (the title's a tribute to her dual love for feminism and Judaism). Like many of us teens who will soon rely on sweet, sweet financial aid and scholarships to get into college, Talia is in a sticky situation. She's been hunting for essay contests online, hoping to score a little cash to feed her "hungry college fund," but when it comes to writing about her passions she has pretty much come up empty-handed:
As a financially needy student who wants to go to a really great college, I’ve been obsessively looking for essay contests to win so I can build up my rĂŠsumĂŠ and get some money . . . As a feminist, I’ve tried to find essays relating to feminism, but I haven’t been so lucky. I actually found an essay contest whose title was “Why is Abstinence Before Marriage the Best Choice for Teens Today?” Needless to say, it made me gag, but it didn’t stop me from writing the most pathetic essay I’ve ever written and submitting it. (I won an honorable mention. Go figure.)
Talia's epic-failure-of-an-essay-hunt wasn't totally in vain, however, because it inspired her to start the Star of Davida Essay Contest. For a chance to blab about your love of feminist and win a copy of Care Bears on Fire's newest album, Girls Like it Loud, here are the rules!
  • Description: Answer the question “How has feminism changed your life?” Has feminism helped you get through a rough time, accept yourself for who you are, changed how you live your life, your aspirations, etc. etc. Go crazy. As long as it’s between 250-750 words.
  • How to Enter: Send your essay as a doc, docx, or PDF file to [email protected]. If there’s a technical issue with your entry, Talia will be in touch  don’t worry. In the subject line, make sure to write “Essay Contest” or something to that effect. On the top of the first page include your full name, age, and email address.
  • Deadline: October 10, 2011
  • Eligibility: If you’re a feminist, and you’re a student (ranging anywhere between preschool and a PhD program), then you can enter.
  • Awards: The top three winners will each win a copy of Care Bears on Fire’s newest album, Girls Like it Loud! They will also get their essays published on Star of Davida!

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