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Female Intellectuals

Posted on the 12 January 2014 by Calvinthedog

One thing that I have noticed is that most true, pure intellectuals tend to be males. That means that there are not a whole lot of female intellectuals. I said this to someone recently and she flipped out, started screaming and yelling and cursing at me. But I believe that I am right.

I do not mean to say that females are not as intelligent as males. Although on average, males are probably 3.5 IQ points smarter than females, it is clear that there are many bright to very bright females. In fact, there are quite a few female geniuses. If we use 140 IQ as a barometer for genius (a good benchmark) then there are quite a few females with IQ’s over 140. My mother and sister both have 140+ IQ, and my mother’s IQ is actually ~150, which is incredible. In recent years, I have met two females with 143 IQ’s and one with a 140 IQ. I have also met some recently with IQ’s around 130, which is gifted.

Yet without naming any names, one thing that I have noticed about many high-IQ or even genius IQ females is that they are not exactly intellectuals. I tried to talk to them about some pure intellectual stuff such as projects I was working on (which to be honest would be right up their interest alley) and they acted like they were bored. What truly interested these female geniuses? People. The world of people, relationships, society, the natural world, emotions and the feeling world.

The high-IQ female trains her genius mind towards ingenious thinking regarding emotions, feelings, natural and sensual things, other people and relationships between people and the world of people (society).

And of course there is nothing wrong with that.

The female mind is a fascinating one, and as a lover of females (I much prefer females to males and have since I was a teenager when most of my friends were girls and women) I love to marvel at the female mind. But the female mind is nothing if not different.

Although there is quite a bit of overlap, the female and male minds tend to rotate in separate mental solar systems.

Indeed, if a male only lives in his male mind and his world is only surrounded by other male minds, he only inhabits one half of the universe. In a way he is broken. It is like those yin-yang symbols with one half missing.

And likewise for females. The female alone and surrounded by other females is broken, a half of a person. This is one reason why feminism is so intellectually broken, strange and empty. Pure female essence tends to solipsism, emotionalism, petty bickering, endless feuds, depression, major and minor emotional breakdown, clique formation and collapsed projects. The pure female essence needs a male essence around to whole the half and add some discipline and sobriety to all that erratic emotional energy.

That is, while a female with a 143 IQ is obviously just as intelligent as a male with a 143 IQ, the male is probably more likely to be an intellectual. There are obviously female intellectuals. I have met quite a few female professors, grad students, post-docs, etc. that are certainly intellectuals. Female attorneys and physicians are often intellectuals.

The truth is that pure abstract reasoning is pretty much a male thing. Females can do it, but they find it dull and boring. It’s simply not interesting because it is not geared towards the strengths of the female mind.

Otto Weininger wrote a great book called Sex and Character. He is often pilloried for being a misogynist, but I am not certain if that characterization is correct, and anyway, a lot of those severe Germanic philosophers of that era were not so friendly to women (Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard).

In that book, he opines that only a male can be a genius and all true geniuses of the past have been males. He says it is possible for a female to be a genius, but if she was, she would have to have a masculinized or male-like mind. His actual words that if a female genius existed, she would probably be a genius. There are many feminine intellectuals out there, but I have noticed that quite a few of what I would call female geniuses are either fairly masculine or tomboyish women (Laurie Anderson, Avital Rondell) or they are out and out lesbians (look at all the lesbian intellectuals in the feminist movement).

A friend of mine pointed out that when we males see a female intellectual or a female behaving intellectually, it automatically seems like masculine behavior on her part. He said we males do not find it particularly sexy or attractive and in fact, it is a turnoff.

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