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February's Wishlist

By Obviousleigh @Obviousleigh
February's Wishlist 1//2//3//4//5//6
Hello everyone, yes another wish list i can treat myself to this month. Saying that i might not be able to afford one of these items as i have just booked in for a new tattoo and it starts this saturday! Moving on from the tattoo for some reason this month i have been drawn to slight color with this orange them going on! (strange) I have enough love for the geo/aztec print on the skirt from Topshop (5) How amazing would that shirt look with a pair of statement heels and a crop top. Or maybe with a baggy jumper with a pair of chelsea boots for a dressed down look!! My next favourtie item would have to be them orange statement sunglasses (6) WOW is all i can say, i love them so much!! 
Once again i have cheated i made this list before february had begun therefore  i have already brought the shoes from Missguided. If you read in my outfit post here, you would have known that these were the shoes i was going to return. They are not a justifiable price because they aren't real leather but i had so much of a faff trying to return them i decided to wear them and therefore i can no longer get a refund! Who could resist a pair of un-worn heels in a nice new box shouting "Wear me! Wear me!"
However i will try and buy at least another item if my bank balance allows me!, Whats on your Wish list this month? Would you like to see pictures of me on my day trip to the tattooist? Let me know either  below, on my twitter, on Facebook or by Email. Leigh xo

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