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February 9, 2016 – Tuesday’s Training Report

By Debi Lantzer @debiL1611


I almost made it through the day today without remembering that it was Tuesday, but now that I’ve remembered, I guess I had better get busy putting this together…..

Before I talk about training though, let me share that I’m down 2.4 pounds. In all honesty, I had hoped for twice that in the first week, but I’ll take the scale going down instead of up for a change. Okay, now here goes my Tuesday’s Training Report:

Monday, I weighed in. No running – just shock.

Tuesday, I ran 2 miles (Mile 1 – 14:34; Mile 2 – 14:17)

Wednesday, I was supposed to run according to the plan, but I didn’t (*sad face here*)

Thursday, I ran 2.5 miles (Mile 1 – 14:37; Mile 2 – 14:19; Mile .5 – 7:12)

Friday, off

Saturday, I hit the floor running – not literally, but figuratively speaking. I had an 8:30 am appointment and never made it home until evening! I hate the kind of weekend where your days are packed full of chores and no time for yourself! 

Sunday, I ran 3 miles before church! Can you believe?!? (Mile 1 14:25; Mile 2 14:19; Mile 3: 14:34)


One thing about being a Race Ambassador for the Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon is that I belong to a Facebook group with some very amazing runners that are so fast and are running so many miles every week it just blows me away. Sometimes I let that “less than” feeling take up space in my head but then I remember I am not competing against anyone and that my goal is to do my best to improve my own speed and distance. 


My goal for next week is to lose a couple of pounds and to try and get just a little faster – one run at a time! I’ll keep you posted so stay tuned for next week’s Tuesday Training Report!

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