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Featured Vegetable: Garlic Scapes

By Yonni @vegandthecity

Featured Vegetable: Garlic Scapes

This is what they look like - so interesting!

I joined a CSA (community-shared agriculture) this year.  Supported by Roxbury Farm in Kinderhook, NY, I pay a fee for shares of their crop harvest from mid-June to late November.  I never know what vegetables I'll be getting from week to week, but I loved the idea of it really being farm to table produce, and the possibilities for variety as opposed to my trusted shopping list.
For the first two weeks, among my kale, broccoli rabe, basil and 6 other items, I got a half dozen garlic scapes and I had no idea what they were!
Scapes are the leafless flower stalks of garlic.  They remind me of scallions attached to a woody, long, curly green stem. It was suggested that I cut them up and sautee them, to eat alone or with pasta or rice, but I wasn't even sure which part to cut!  I decided to finely slice the tender part, as I would a scallion, and sautee them to add a garlicky flavor to my dark, leafy greens and diced sundried tomato.  They added a wonderful flavor with the essence of garlic, without overpowering my dish.
I'm sure they can be used in many ways, and somewhere I saw it suggested that you use them for pesto, adding olive oil, walnuts or pine nuts, and salt to taste.  You can even add a little vegan parm for a more authentic consistency.
If you want to try them, check your local farmers market or ask your Whole Foods or other organic grocer if they carry them.  (And then be sure to share how you prepared them!)

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