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By Vivianism @vivianism

I was featured in an E-magazine’s first issue some time last year. They did a beautiful job in turning my words into a pretty page!
Here’s the write up:

Hi everyone! My name is Vivian. I’m 24 this year and stay in an all year summer country call Singapore.  I was contacted by the Magazine to write an article about myself, to be featured as one of the famous blogger in Singapore. I am flattered but honestly, I am nowhere close to that.

So anyway, to trace back history, I started blogging since secondary school. As an introvert, I hardly turn to anyone whenever I needed someone to talk to. Instead, I turn to blogging whenever I’m feeling upset, frustrated and of course, happy. Blogging is like a documentation of me and my life. Documenting my life is a way for me to appreciate life more.

I started my current blog back in 2009 after my internship in Singapore Press Holdings as an intern lifestyle journalist.  My internship has inspired me to write about the fashion and beauty on my blog.  So other than documenting my life, I started writing about the kind of outfits I love and wear. Gradually, I started focusing more on Beauty after my first blogger’s beauty event invite and a blogging competition. I review about the products I’ve tried and occasionally give tips and tricks on my blog. I believe there are always readers new to skincare and makeup, and my aim is to help these girls to kick start their beauty regime. My blog’s readership grew from then onwards. I am also one of the finalists in Singapore’s Blog Awards consecutively for the third time this year.

I love blogging but most importantly I have the passion for Beauty and Fashion. During my free time, I enjoy goggling about various beauty topics and watching beauty related variety shows. Having passion for the things I write is really vital towards sustaining the blog. I’m constantly inspired by what I read and watch and feel an urge to share what I know to my readers. There’s a sense of satisfaction whenever I know I inspired someone to take good care of their skin and that my blog is the first blog they turn to whenever they need some beauty advices. I believe every girl is beautiful and can be beautiful.

I dream a lot and try my best to persue them. Just like blogging, I seize every opportunity that comes by. I’m really glad to be where I am today with my blog. I’ve been to various places and met lots of like-minded people because of blogging. And most of the time, I’m really impressed with the beauty bloggers. They are beautiful, take time to take care of their skin, put on perfect makeup, yet they are more than just powder on their face. Most of them hold a stressful position in their job and yet they are able to juggle between blogging and their job. As I’ve just started working, these people are really my source of inspiration and I hope to be like them in the future.

Once, I had a lecturer saying this to the whole class: 放飞梦想,生活如此精彩。In English, it means “let your dreams fly and your life can be interesting”. I think it is really important to live life like you dream and dream as you live. Never think your dreams are too big to achieve. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

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