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Fearless Summer Australia Launches

Posted on the 10 October 2013 by Earth First! Newswire @efjournal

Fearless Summer Australia Launches

From http://fearlesssummeraus.net:

Fearless Summer Australia is a movement escalating across the country, to take action to stop the industrial scale destruction of our native forests. Everyone who supports real forest protection is invited to take part in this movement for change. Co-ordinated grassroots non-violent direct actions will take place in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales – as well as anywhere that you would like to organize one! Solidarity actions can take part any where in the world. Contact us if you want help to organize an action, or send us your info, media releases or  pics and we’ll post it to the website. For events happening over the summer… checkout the movement Calender HERE.  Email us to add your event or action: [email protected]

Fearless Summer Australia Launches



  • Fearless Summer National Forest Skillshare. 5 days of workshops, talks, practical training, forest walks and sharing skills.  Come along and learn everything you need to know about the forests, campaign strategy, and taking action…. in preparation for a Fearless Summer of action! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • Join us for a week of actions, forests documentation projects, and walks in East Gippsland, Victoria and a week in Southern NSW.


  • Second National Skillshare in Tasmania. If you missed the first skillshare, never fear – you can catch up on all the skills you need in Tasmania! And those who’ve been to the first skillshare – develop and further your skills in advanced workshops & training.
  • Two weeks of actions, forest documentation projects and walks around the threatened forests of Tassie.


  • Nationally co-ordinated actions around the country, including solidarity actions in cities and towns across Australia and the world.

Ongoing through 2014:

  • Time to take what you’ve learnt and share it with others…. organize film nights, talks, and events around the world to keep the momentum of summer going on into autumn, winter & spring!

Aims of Fearless Summer Australia

  • End industrial scale logging of native forests through a movement of grassroots action and strategic markets-based campaigns.
  • Bring a strong message about protection of native forests Australia-wide.
  • Strengthen solidarity across regional forest campaigns around the country and build on-going alliances with city-based crew in Australia and people right around the world.
  • Escalation of grassroots forest direct action movement.
  • Empower people to take action through sharing skills in direct action,  knowledge of the forest and campaign strategy.
  • Take action on climate change in this critical decade, it is recognised globally that protecting native forests is fundamental to mitigating dangerous climate change. The air we breathe, the stability of our climate and the rich variety of life depends on forests.

Contact us: [email protected]


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