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Favourite Find: Bendy Bubbles

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Favourite Find: Bendy BubblesIt's no secret that bubbles are brilliant.  The one hitch as I see it, is that we're forever misplacing the little plastic thing that you use to blow the bubbles.
As I searched the kitchen cupboard the other day for the 'real' straw, I came across my stash of crazy-bendy-straws.  At first I thought they were way over sized for the job... or were they?  We gave them a go, and low and behold; they worked a treat.  They were long enough that when Little Lotti tried to drink the soapy water she got bored half way up the straw and gave up.  Even better, when you dip-and-blow, you get a dozen little bitty beautiful bubbles - hooray!
So, in homage to the humble bendy straw, here's some more ideas on how to use them at your next party;
  • Attach invitations or Save-the-dates to them - perfect for 'spin-right-over-ballerina' parties or 'loopy-circus' events.
  • Arrange them in a vase for a vibrant side-table decoration.
  • Use them as individual place settings at a princess or fairy-party dinner table, filling a cup with other fun play-things and treats (pictured above).
  • Attach a bag-tag and give them out as farewell keepsakes, either popping out of a noodle-box or simply wrapped with a giant bow.
  • Invent games to use them on the day; such as blowing popcorn across the table for a soccer-match of sorts, or lastly,
  • Drink a cup of flavoured milk with them!
They're my favorite thing of the moment - yippee for bendy bubble-straws!

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