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Favourite Find: Baby Birds

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Favourite Find: Baby BirdsIt's no secret that decor and craft magazines have been featuring the cutest little fake feathery birds forever.  I've loved looking at them perched in floral displays, on vases, or atop gorgeous gift wrapping.  It was only the other day however that I stumbled across several sets in my local dollar store.  Hooray!  The price per bird was about $2 and the hardest decision was how many to buy and in what color.
In keeping with the Oriental shades of the Oriental party printables I designed, and this week's Chinese New Year theme, I arranged a few lucky red and gold ones on a decorators ball of woven wood.  You can also use them to decorate paper lanterns, suspend them from fishing line, or perch them on mantelpieces and book shelves.  It wouldn't matter what party theme or color scheme you use; these fine feathery friends make a gorgeous and whimsical addition.
PS - the best thing about these fellows is they're silent.  One of the nicest things about my house is that it's surrounded by trees.  Birds love trees.  Which is nice for them.  I just wish they could wait awhile to announce their joy to the world.  Bless them.  Ordinarily I don't have an issue with their sing-song-ways; usually my toddlers are up before the sun pokes his head over the horizon... but sometimes, just sometimes they stay asleep, and of course it so happened that the day they do, some large, strange, and excessively noisy bird arrived in our backyard and heralded his arrival with a squawk which was far from musical.  Sigh.  I love birds.  I do.  But today I love fake ones best.

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