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Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

By Townhousepalette @townhousepal
Happy Tuesday everyone! I thought I would do a small chatting post with everyone as I am wrapping up my summer vacation and heading off to college in less than three weeks. To get straight to the point, no, I am definitely not ready to go, but before I get into that I wanted to talk about something new I have been doing on Bloglovin' lately...
In the past year, Bloglovin' (the way I recommend you keep up with your favorite blogs) has introduced something called collections where you save certain posts in a file on Bloglovin'. Many people separate their favorite posts into collections like 'beauty' and 'food,' or another popular collection is 'posts to read later.' For myself, that was not really working, so I decided to create my collections on my favorite blog posts of the week and so far I am loving it. Each week I save blog posts I have found that I liked and would not mind going back in future and looking at. It also interesting to see what I was reading and who I was following at the time.  Oh, look! Are those my bloglovin' widgets? Well since you are here, you might as well follow me...right?


Also, before I bounce, I wanted to mention that since this month is going to be crazy. My online presence is probably going to diminish more than how small it already is. So if there are no blog posts at all for like a week, this time, it is not because I am lazy, it is because I am busy.
Anyways, please leave your Bloglovin' links below because I am always looking for new blogs to read. 
Happy Tuesday ^_^

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