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Fathers Day Cookies- Pistachio Passion

By Kayleigh Mutimer @crumbsandcocoa
Given that my dad is a complete Pistachio fanatic it didn't take long to work out what kind of cookies I was going to make him for Fathers Day, and I have to say I'm more than pleased with how they turned out :)
Fathers Day Cookies- Pistachio Passion
I really packed the pistachio's in to these to make sure every bite was sweet, nutty and full of that unmistakable flavor. The icing also has pistachio flavouring in and a touch of green colouring to really emphasize the unique color of the nut as well as the simple decoration which I think really makes the cookies pop and is just the right amount of garnish for them. I wanted these to be simple and full of flavor and I really feel I've achieved that with these.
Because the flavouring is simple and purely that of the nut I wanted to make sure I put enough in to really capture that flavor and to celebrate the pistachio without overshadowing it with other flavours that really just weren't necessary.
Fathers Day Cookies- Pistachio Passion
Of course the final verdict will come from my Dad on Sunday so I'm hoping I've done him proud and made him something he'll really enjoy :)
I had such fun making these, they're simple, pleasing on the eye and yummy to boot!!

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