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Fathers Day Brainstorming and Nana's Birthday Choccies :-)

By Kayleigh Mutimer @crumbsandcocoa

I love my dad. He is my hero. So Fathers Day is always a time of year I really get to show him some appreciation :-) At the moment I'm still playing with ideas. I know he is crazy about pistachio nuts so I'm thinking along the lines of oaty, nutty, chewy goodness...hmm cant wait to make him something he'll love to show him how much I love him :-)

Also this week it is my partners Nana, Nana Lil's, birthday so, as she isn't the biggest of eaters, rather than make a big cake which I just know she wont finish I'm going to go down the chocolate route for her and make some bite-sized goodies she can share with the family so she can still enjoy a treat but not feel pressured to eat masses. Now I know she likes things fruity so my thoughts at the moment are leaning towards either peach and apricot or raspberry flavourings. At the moment this one is still very much in the development stage but I am SO looking forward to making them! Any fruity idea's will be gratefully received. Can't wait to show you all what I come up with :-)

Til next time!

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