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Fat Loss Your Perfect Day

By Byfitnessgym92
Fat Loss Your Perfect Day
When you're shedding pounds, eating is not cheating. "Without the right fuel at the right time, your metabolism simply won't be onside," warns health practitioner Dr John Briffa. Plan your perfect day of weight loss with this fat-torching schedule


500ml cold water
Why? Rehydrate with this exact amount to boost your metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes.
Study by University of Utah

2 scrambled eggs
Why? They're packed with protein and contain all the essential amino acids to help build muscle, which in turn demands greater metabolic action. All this helps explain why people who eat eggs for breakfast have been found to lose more weight than those who don't.
Study by International Journal of Obesity

Glass of skimmed milk
Why? A pint of skimmed milk contains just 190kcals and 0.6g fat. Plus, calcium is proven to enhance weight loss by stifling the desire to eat more.
Study by British Journal of Nutrition

1 Orange
Why? Chemical properties in vitamin-C packed citrus fruit reduce insulin levels, which have a direct and positive effect on metabolism. Peel away your ideal mid-morning snack.
Study by Scripps Science Research Clinic

Handful mixed nuts
Why? Just one handful will raise your levels of serotonin - a hormone that decreases appetite - to tide you over and eliminate the risk of overeating at lunch.
Study by University of Barcelona

Small chicken breast on wholegrain bread with cheese or oil-drizzled salad
Why? It'll add on a modest 300 calories, but this balanced combination of protein, carb and fat was found the best for promoting fat loss in athletes. It was also shown to provide the greatest defence against the body's natural afternoon slump.
Study by Georgia State University

500ml of water
Why? Another half-litre of H2O will raise your metabolic rate by up to 30%, while also flushing out sodium and toxins from your now digesting lunch.
Study by Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center, Germany

125ml cottage cheese with celery or pesto
Why? This potent combination is the best, and one of the most readily available, snack options scientifically proven to increase satiety. Its low-fat, high-protein composition is also ideal for feeding growing muscle, which will prove useful if you plan on hitting the gym later.
Study by International Society of Sports Nutrition

Why? As a stimulant, caffeine can rev your metabolism by up to 10%. It's also one of the best-known (legal) substances for a powerful stamina boost ahead of a gym session.
Study by American Journal Clinical Nutrition

Protein shake
Why? When you're wheying the options for restorative nutrition, there is nothing better than a protein shake for a quick fix of complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that will both burn fat and repair muscle before you can get to your kitchen.
Study by The Journal of Nutrition

Grilled fish with steamed vegetables
Why? Fish oil, which is high in omega-3 fatty acid, has been proven to increase metabolic efficiency by an extra 400 calories every day.
Study by University of Western Ontario

200ml low-fat yoghurt
Why? A single pot of probiotic yoghurt before bed will increase body fat breakdown and reduce the deceleration of your metabolism as you digest it in your sleep.
Study by University of Knoxville

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