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Fashion Wardrobe Tricks That Can Help You to Appear Slimmer

By Clarissa17 @ClarissaSeaton

Even if you are on the heavy side, there’s no need to fret as you can make use of specific apparel that will allow you to appear slimmer. Here are a few fashion wardrobe tips and tricks, together with body-flattering clothing, which you can use to make you appear slimmer.

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1. Wear high-waisted skirts

If you want to look slim and sexy in a skirt, it is a must that you choose a high-waisted one. These skirts are great in raising your waist; consequently, you appear to have longer legs. As the waist of the skirt hit the part of your trunk where it is the narrowest, this emphasizes the curves of your body. In effect, this makes you look thinner.

2. Stay away from too loose and tight clothes

If you want to look slim, you have to give up both your baggy and tight clothes. Too baggy clothes are good only in making you appear heavier. On the other hand, if you wear tight apparel, this will make you look like your body fats are bursting out.

3. Slim in Pinstripes

Not only will you look stunningly beautiful and preppy in pinstripes, but your legs all also appear to be remarkably thin. There’s no doubt that vertical stripes are effective in luring the eyes into looking from the top part to bottom. This creates the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Hence, it is not surprising that fashion experts recommend pinstriped pants as an addition to the wardrobe of heavy women.

4. Wear wide belts

Wide belts are excellent means of defining the waistline. They are effective in enhancing the length between your hips and toe tips, and consequently make you look longer and thinner. Likewise, wide belts give the illusion of the body having a shapelier silhouette.

Simply put, just take advantage of these fashion wardrobe tips as they are meant to make you look thinner. Do so, and you are on your way to becoming the focus of envy of your girl friends. You can even do some match and wear such as combining pinstriped pants and wide belts to ensure that you look a lot slimmer.

 Image Source: Womansday, Google Images

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