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Fashion Tip Fridayyyy: Dress Up Your iPhone!!

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

bunny ears iphone case

(bunny ears are all the rage these days…. and they make a pretty cute fashion accessory.)

After getting my ass beat in Pilates I was showing my friend, Lauryn (also the teach), my new iPhone case I had ordered. Sure it was kind of silly cause it’s just a phone case, but for some reason I am pretty excited about it… which of course was the inpsiration behind this very post. I immediately felt better about bragging about a petty new cell phone case when I saw that even she was toting a case that was adorned with a whopping pair of bunny ears. No wonder we are friends after all…

Anyways, they do say to wear protection… so why not wear it a fashionable & cute way (yes, I am talking about iPhone cases). Get your mind out of that gutter kids.

Oh, and last but not least… if you just ordered the new iPhone 5 you are a lucky son of a gun & this post won’t apply to you until they start making some new cases…. which I am sure won’t be very long.

studded iphone case

Edgy and chic… spiked iPhone cases >> learn how to make your very own here.

owl iphone case

Cute owllll. hoothoot!!

anicase leopard

This is actually the exact case I just bought, and am waiting in the mail for. Best part is… a percentage of your purchase is donated to endangered species. Things like that always make spending money much more justifiable.

fashionable iphone cases

1. Andy Warhol iPhone Case found here.

2. Fun Stuff Kitty iPhone case found here.

3. Anicase I’m a Leopard iPhone case found here.

4. Keith Haring iPhone case found here.

5. Boo the Dog iPhone case found here.

6. Rabito iPhone case found here.

++ p.s. these are all for the iPhone for the main reason that majority of people carry iPhones, and if you don’t…. you should.

Fashion Tip Fridayyyy: Dress Up Your iPhone!!

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