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By Alicebodkin94 @AliceBodkin

Ever since my visit to New York, I have been reflecting upon the relationship between technology and fashion. Such a thing that actually, has always existed. I mean in the last couple of months the world witnessed the opening of Burberry’s techo-playground in their flagship store on Regent Street. And over the last couple of days, The Business of Fashion’s website has announced that the public relations company KCD will stream digital fashion shows to the public, offering front row access. Prior to this, the firm only enabled this service to the industry only. It’s an incredibly exciting time within fashion.

But technology has always influenced fashion, for example the 1950′s space race inspired many designers. And even until this day that movement still stimulates contextual ideas, for example Rodarte’s Space Odyssey video in 2010.
It’s incredible how the industry continues to push boundaries. And even more fashion films are being created. Today, pretty much anyone can engage with fashion, in a variety of platforms. Fashion is evolving from something elitist and exclusive, to something everyone can enjoy. Fashion films particularly addresss this, and many brands are now targeting a younger audience, for example Proenza with ‘Desert Tide’: Many young teenagers, from ages 11 upwards are starting to engage with networking sites such as Tumbler. Although they cannot afford to shop at places like Proenza just yet, they will have become acquainted with the brand, engage and grow up with the videos. So when they start to produce their own income, they will turn to Proenza as they have formed a relationship with the company. Advertising today, has to be so much more stronger, brands are forced to build relationships with their consumers. And with technology, which is apart of our everyday routine, brands can tap into everyday lives.
Fashion is more than just clothes, it’s about ideas, it’s about entertainment. And it makes me wonder, will physical shopping buildings exist, or will the landscape adjust completely to being online. Like I said, it is a completely exciting time within the industry.  

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