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Fashion: Holiday Packing

By Ninegrandstudent

Last week I talked about my makeup bag for Italy, this week it’s the clothes. I had a real struggle with year as I’ve lost a lot of weight but didn’t want to buy a completely new wardrobe. Consequently quite a few items are being altered by safety pins…

 photo bed429a7-03bb-4886-9a9a-fa80d58cce9c_zpsyjnbud05.jpg
Obviously I’ve thrown a satchel in there. Me and W are sharing just one checked-in bag I’ll be taking a carry-on case – so my satchel as to squeeze inside (thanks EasyJet!). I’ve gone for my smallest one. An 11″ in London Tan, it’s a complete classic. Buckles to prevent pickpocketers, justtttt big enough to take my camera and snacks, it’s probably an ideal travel companion.

 photo 9864fa19-8f87-4997-9224-8347f41590ea_zps4hgqd7cv.jpg
Taking these photos it’s blatantly obvious how much I like floral prints. We’ve got floral playsuits, floral dresses, floral skirts. I’ve always liked changing for dinner on holiday so despite not being in a ‘posh’ hotel this year I’ll be continuing to do that. Nothing fancy, but a dress thrown on will make me feel like I’m making a bit more effort.

 photo f78f8b63-de07-46d8-ad8c-8b52383d4670_zpseaotpczr.jpg
I’ve thrown in a couple of ‘nicer’ evening options too, in the hope of a romantic meal or two. My lace skirt from Marks & Spencer has to be one of my favorite items, but I rarely wear it as it always seems a bit OTT. I’m planning on pairing it with delicate sandals and a black cami. Another of my nicer outfit is a version of this dress from Asda, only with (of course) flowers on it. The cut of the LBD was so flattering, I’m really looking forward to wearing this one with gold accessories.

 photo ad094783-0232-46cd-8f0f-8c01779b9663_zpsoshuizs0.jpg
 photo 6a1e4570-91a8-40b3-a76f-06742a873449_zpsom8xbsij.jpg
 photo 619c8a2b-2bd1-473d-81f1-d7dc5bb5d9b2_zpspdst2awa.jpg
Daytimes are more casual. Shorts, cami, done. My denim shorts have been saved from the last time I went abroad (three years ago), although they were far too tight and I had to size up. Oops. This year this smaller pair are far too big, I still need to locate a proper belt for holding them up. I rarely wear shorts, so wasn’t too impressed with the rest of my pairs being unwearably huge – but extremely happy to realize I now fit into a few of my younger sister’s clothes. Yep, stealing clothes from a fifteen year old… My daytime tops are one of this year’s top finds – £8 in New Look (pre-discount), perfectly fitting, light material, but thick enough not to show off what color underwear I have on. I found one in every color (and two black ones…). I’ve also thrown in a single bikini, just in case we manage to squeeze in a day for sun worship. All I can say is thank goodness for tie-side styles, or I’d have had to have bought a new one of these too!

 photo 20fb01d0-2b32-4f36-8bf6-81802969bf90_zpsmayw2rsa.jpg
 photo 30046ddd-7d5d-4f8c-a849-1369d7c1a559_zpsn13ofmgt.jpg
Shoes. Oh shoes! I wouldn’t consider myself a shoe person, yet I have loads of the bloody things. At time of writing I’m currently at four pairs of sandals (+ one pair of casual flipflops), one pair of flats and one pair of trainers. I don’t want to imagine the look on W’s face when I try to pack those so somehow I’ll have narrowed it down by the time you read this. I’ll definitely have my new sandals from Deichman – so comfortable!

I’ll travel in jeans, so I think I’ve got pretty much all basics covered. My holiday will be almost over by the time you read this – so if I’ve forgetten anything I’m sure you’ll have heard about it over on Twitter. Any excuse to go shopping…

Are you off on holiday this summer? What kind of clothes do you take away with you?

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