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Fashion: Hauling.

By Erraticglamour @erraticglamourx

shopping wasn't my main aim of my trip into town but i somehow came away with a few little treats for myself. what's a girl to do! i had the idea of a new bag in my head for a while and the shoes had been a long time coming. They are necessary if you saw the state of my old Fred Perry Tennis pumps which they sadly have discontinued. 
Fashion: Hauling.Bag £19.99 in the Mango Sale. Earrings £9.99 (Not a sale item) 
Fashion: Hauling.Cobalt Blue V Neck Basic Tee Forever 21 £3, Rings £3-4 per pack
Fashion: Hauling.
Fashion: Hauling.Vans Schuh £40i saw this bag and after much posing in the mirror decided to get it, at half price i would only regret it. it is a totally different style for me as i normally go for a "wag" bag style. over the shoulder is actually a lot more functional plus i like the 'look' of the bag. the earrings were 100% a splurge moment purchase, i love the shape of them which is basically why i bought them. possibly with a a simple vest top, jeans and heels... watch this space i guess.
the tshirt is the product of my forever 21 procrastination order and has actually been a very successful order. the tshirt is a nice cut, good quality and a gorgeous color. all for £3, bargain! as for the rings, i had been searching out simple gold bands for as long as i can remember but all the ones i came across came up a little expensive. finding this pack of normal rings and above the knuckle rings for under £4 is such a steal. they are exactly what i was hunting for. the other rings again were just what i was looking for, some simple rings that aren't totally plain but not massively in your face. forever 21 is definitely a stop for accessories. 
finally meet my lovely new vans. i debated between vans or converse for ages then once i had eventually settled for vans the color debate raged. black or grey? in the end i settled for grey, i wear a lot of black anyway so this is a nice little change if only shifting one colour! i cannot wait to wear these babies. 
apart from a phone case that is on it's way to me, that is my shopping stash for now. i was thinking the other day about how much my style has changed again. i went through a little period where i changed *a lot* to fit with someone when really i should have stuck to who i was and what i liked rather than changing for a silly reason. in the end, i only made myself miserable! 
Happy Tuesday lovlies 

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