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Lessons from Twenty-Four Years.

By Erraticglamour @erraticglamourx
I'm twenty-four. Nearly twenty-five. Not till October but that isn't that far off. I'm okay with this growing up thing... I really am okay about it. I mean who wants to be a care free twenty year old dancing round their handbag on a Wednesday night with a £2 drink in hand. Not me, that's who. I am okay about it though, I like where I am with my business at the moment. I do sometimes have days where I feel like an adult and realize that actually I am responsible for things and am not a child, other days not so much. I like to describe my outlook on life as adult with a dash of immature. If you can't say 'that's what she said' and giggle when some one asks how big is it? then really you shouldn't be granted an adult passport quite frankly.
This said, over my twenty-four years on this planet we call earth I have learnt/observed - I am observant to the bone - many things about people, the world and living in the grand scheme of things so I thought I would pass down the wisdom of my years.
Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean you have to. Sure the 'popular' girls at school are at parties, getting drunk and kissing boys at the weekend. You aren't. In the grand scheme of things, who cares. You can do that at university ... or never. Maybe that isn't your thing. I was a late bloomer going out and boy wise. There is plenty of time to go out partying and kissing boys. It doesn't have to be done at the age of 14 because Sophie, Danielle and Katie are snogging boys and it is the gossip on Monday morning. Either that or being the girl that threw up at the party on Saturday night.
I enjoy a night out. A beverage of the adult nature, a little boogie - not round my handbag, thank you very much - and sometimes a drunken cry about some irrelevant factor that matters little to none pre and post drinks. One thing that has come to light recently that I chose to disbelieve when told before is that hangovers only get worse. Enjoy the late teenage post night out days where activities are do-able. Sometimes most times post drinking days involve the blind down, duvet over head and minimal movement. It just gets tougher.
Girls can be bitches. Most often if they feel inadequate to you. It is a sad fact about females.We can't all just come together as one sex and say she is a beautiful, intelligent girl and I admire her for that. No. She may be beautiful and intelligent but she is also dull, chubby and lacking in social graces. Girls that jiggle got more wiggle - just putting it out there (and 100% getting that on a tshirt.) She may have said something nasty about you but to be honest I wouldn't let it bother you. At the end of the day she is showing herself up and highlighting her own insecurities.
I like clean, tidy is good but a little mess isn't that painful to my soul. Growing up, making my bed was something that I just sort of did on auto pilot. Reaching mid 20s this has become a less regular occurance and has drawn me to the conclusion that making your bed is over rated. My school of thought is almost as soon as I get back to chateau erratic glamour post work the chances of me getting into bed, popping open my laptop and not moving very far or often until my alarm sounds at 7am are high. Therefore why would I waste time, in my already tight getting ready for work procedures making something look tidy that a) no one will see through out the day and b) I will more than likely destroy at 6pm. There is just no logic.
Four things I have learnt in twenty-four years. There are more. Many more but I don't want to ball you all over with my words of wisdom, experience and general straight talking. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook

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