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Fantasy Shopper

By Sarahhhp @SarahhhP

Fantasy Shopper
Most of us enjoy a little "window" shopping every now and again right? Well, 'Fantasy Shopper' is the ultimate new site dedicated to letting you fantasize as much as you like over your dream wardrobe - allowing you to create it, put together outfits and share what it is you've been lusting after with your online friends and followers.
What I really love about the site too, is that there are a number of 'badges' (achievements) for you to collect and complete along the way - making the whole experience lots of fun (not that drooling over clothes on it's own isn't always a joyous way to pass the time ;)).
Fantasy Shopper
I have to say, that since signing up I am already completely addicted - spending nearly every spare minute I have browsing through the new offerings. I think it's fab that not only do they display the products available from a huge range of stores - from high-street to designer, Harrods to Dorothy Perkins - it also shows the prices of the items you're adding to your online 'wardrobe' so that you know exactly how much your dream outfit would cost if you actually decided to invest!
Would definitely recommend you all sign up and give it a go :) Let me know if you decide to, and then I can have a good old nose at the looks you create!TTFNFantasy Shopper

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