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Fancy Fish and Chips

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Fancy Fish and ChipsIt's no secret that I'm a craft-crazy.  I always go a bit over the top when it comes to party preparations.  OK, I go a lot over the top.  There.  I admitted it!  But you know what; it's just so much fun!  I know that the young guests, and plenty of their parents, will be oblivious to all the effort that's gone into the day.  If I'm totally honest, I suspect even my own family doesn't realize how much I do... hmmm... now I'm sounding like every other mother I know...
Ok, so here's my latest brainwave for this weekend's party; and time is running out, so I must be brief.  Mermaids and Pirates live in/on the sea, so of course seafood has to be on the menu.  How to serve it?  Well, when I think of the fish and chips of my youth, I recall it being wrapped in newspaper.  That in itself doesn't seem 'classy' or crafty enough for me, so why not take the newspaper and make mini cornucopia cones and serve the food in those?  Then I think that the newspaper ink might come off the paper and onto the children's fish fingers, so maybe I'll photocopy the newspaper and use the copies to make the cones.  And now's when it gets dangerously close to being labelled OTT (over the top)...
Before Mimi was born I asked my father to buy the newspaper on her birth-day for her future memory box.   Being as diligent with tasks as I am, he purchased all 5 local newspapers.  And I still have them.  So, being compulsively crafty as I am; I've photocopied the headlines from her real life birth-day and am frantically making paper cones for Sunday.
(In case you're worried; I'm making them hygienically on the table, I just laid the test pages and cone on the floor for the photo!)
Alright - I'm mad; I know.  At least my friends at Paperblog see the upside; they made me "blogger of the day" - wow - thank you Paperblog - I'm so proud of my crafty, crazy self!

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